Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vapor Trail 125 2012 is ON

Well folks, the 2012 season is taking shape and it’s time to start
thinking about whether you’re up to the challenge of the 8th annual
Vapor Trail 125. 

Registration is open.

As is our tradition, the event will happen the
weekend after Labor Day, this year that’s a start at 10 PM on
September 8 and a finish on Sunday, September 9.

The moon will be a waning crescent, rising just before midnight.
Sorry, we always hope for a huge full moon like last year. Sometimes
we get it but this year we don't!

The course will be the same kick butt course that we’ve ridden for the
past several years. This year the registration fee will be $150. As
always there will be 5 fully stocked and staffed aid stations, the 4th
passed twice. And there will be a post-ride barbeque.

All the previous 7 events have been ACA training rides. USA Cycling
has absorbed ACA, so this year we'll be a USA Cycling event. If you
have a USAC license, write it onto your entry form, or bring it to
registration if you have it by then. One-day licenses will be
available for a nominal fee.

Ready to say yes to the pain? Send me an email, I’ll put you on the
list. Questions, send me an email. If you've never done the event and
I haven't seen a race resume from you, please send that as well. If
you're a past finisher, there's your resume.

To contact me: 

Download the entry form here: