Friday, September 9, 2011

Here comes the 2011 Vapor Trail 125

Saturday night, tomorrow night.

I have had only minimal involvement in the planning and execution of the event this summer. I'm a Salaryman now. But it's being capably managed by Absolute Bikes and Heidi and Fawn.

starting line
This is going to be probably the best moon setup in the history of the event: waxing gibbous with 97% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated, rises at 5:46 Saturday, sets 4:59 AM Sunday. But lately it's gotten pretty wet. All this week (starting symbolically the day after Labor Day--weather change foreshadowing autumn and winter), rain has come to our valley. Not summer-style late day thunderstorms, but rather the quiet steady rain of the off season.

Will we have some variation on the weather of the 2009 event? Will it be clear and cool, classic central Colorado September weather?

We shall see. All will be revealed tomorrow.