Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weather and what-all for this year's event

It's been cloudy and raining every afternoon since Labor Day. This has had me gnashing my teeth and muttering. A repeat of last year's Rocky Mountain Hurricane?!?

Looks like that might be a no:

If this is right, we're going to have some classic autumn weather. Clear. but probably also COLD overnight.

Speaking of overnight, full moon? No sir.

It'll be a thin waxing crescent, but that won't matter at all to us, because it will be setting an hour before the start. No moon kids. Stars should be brilliant though. There aren't many streetlights up on the Continental Divide either. Look for an unobstructed but shivery view.

Bring your warm stuff!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting ready to get at it for 2010

One Week.

The view from the High Point of the Vapor Trail 125 course for 2010. 12,600 ft. elevation.

Here it comes, another Vapor Trail 125. One week from right now there will be about 50 people fiddling with gear, twiddling their thumbs, or maybe chewing the nails off their thumbs.

One really cool thing is that the good people from are going to be covering our little event. Most of our riders will be identifiable as little blips on a map that you can pull up on the web at Check us out. Wish us luck!

Friday, April 30, 2010


Before you get all fired up and get your britches in a knot...there are NO changes to the course this year outside of returning to the 2008 course (and 10pm start) after amazing weather last year forced a major re-route and postponed the race 2 hours.

The two major changes this year are on the administrative side of things - the first being the resignation of Tom Purvis as race director. After numerous years at the helm, Tom decided to pursue a 50mile round trip, cubicle sitting, 9 to 5er (why... we will never know!). With little free time on his hands Tom has decided to use his free time to train for the race instead of deal with its organization which I fully understand and support. With Tom no longer in the shop, Fawn Walker and I have stepped in as race co-director newbies after a quick internship from the Master. So far so good, things have run smoothly but I'm sure there will be hiccups along the way.

The second major change is the addition of an entry fee. The race will now cost a dollar a mile (with no refunds for miles not completed). Since the inception of VT, Shawn Gillis (owner of Absolute Bikes, Salida) has foot the bill for the race including all fees for permits, licencing and has provided amazing spreads at all the aid stations and the finish line BBQ. It was only a matter of time before free was no longer possible. As the race has grown in popularity and numbers over the years it was time to relieve Shawn of this burden. At $125 this is still an affordable race with the fee covering all race costs and any extras going to the local volunteer trail group, Salida Mountain Trails. I was a little concerned at how this change was going to sit with some of our faithful returning riders but all I've had are positive responses which is amazing and a true testament to the quality of people involved in this race. Thanks to you all for your support.

As the snow recedes and the trails begin to melt out, the thoughts of training for VT ramp up. As with any race, the best way to train is to get on the course so...come by the shop in Salida for trail conditions, directions to different sections of the course and perhaps a trail guide. We look forward to meeting the 2010 racers and helping you out as much as possible as you prepare for the adventure that is VT125!!