Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

We're gathered up, trying to start the Vapor Trail 125. The weather is dealing us a harsh hand. At 10 PM there was a full downpour with thunder and lightening. The start was delayed two hours. Midnight. Course will need to be cut down to accommodate the late start and the certain slow conditions.

Still going to happen though. Should be quite the adventure.

Check out for results as they become available.


Unknown said...

hmmm,not good - just like the LT100 get soaked at the start of a long time in the saddle...."Go Huck" !!

Jakomait said...

Update! Update!
Jesse J wants to know if the riders are rollin' through the VT125. Even in the rain its a beautiful thing!

Unknown said...

Oh. it was on like popcorn. What a great start to the VT125!

Tom Purvis said...

I'll get a story for y'all when I can think again. -TP

Matt said...

Congrats Tom! I had a blast!