Sunday, September 7, 2008

And they're off!

A half moon set at the edge of a clear, starry sky as 41 riders headed west out of Salida last night. I had ridden out ahead of them to record their times at the 10,000 foot Blanks Cabin checkpoint, where they would embark on a 12-mile section of the Colorado Trail. As they headed by, I jotted down the time next to each name, shivering as the cold night air settled through my wet clothing. Then I followed them down the Colorado Trail, picking up course markings and checking for a rider who could not make the full trip.

I arrived at checkpoint 2 around 3 AM, ate a breakfast burrito from the Aid Station, collected their sheet of recorded times and then rode back to Salida.

The results as of 3 AM are available at

Now I'm off to check on Aid Station 3. Watch for results as they trickle in!

-Tom Purvis


Dave said...

Thanks Tom, keep up the good work!!

Sonya said...

Thanks Tom!! AHHH!!!! The suspense is killing me. ;)