Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One for the History Books

Sorry folks, after my pre-dawn update here on the Sunday of the ride, I was either gone or far too whacked out with sleep deprivation to write anything.

The 2008 Vapor Trail was probably the best ever. I can't thank everyone enough; the volunteers, riders, and friends/families were totally great to work with. There's still some clean-up and post ride work to be done, but the memories are great. I could not have hoped for a better event.

On Sunday morning after I posted here, I drove the drop bags up to Aid Station #3 at Monarch Pass. After I got there I hiked up the Continental Divide Trail north toward Old Monarch Pass to get some photos of the first riders heading in. Here they are, in order that they were riding at that point, a bit more than halfway through the course:

Ryan Hamilton appears through the evergreens, smiling

Kevin Thomas shows up moments later in hot pursuit of Ryan, rockin' a converted SS in tennis shoes with platform pedals

Matt Turgeon 7 minutes behind the first two

Calvin Rickard, all blurry from being up all night

Aaron Gulley, also somewhat blurred

The legendary Andrew Lapkass, the 6th man, half hour behind the first two

Steven Yore two minutes behind Andrew

Jason Stubbe, smiling in front of the sky

Jeff Kerkove grinding his way up highway 50 toward the third Aid Station

Salidan Kevin Thomas wound up finishing the fun ride before any of the others. Proud of our local boy! Check the other results at http://vaportrail125.com/vaporResults.php

Special thanks to Fixie Dave for manning the frying pan and coffee pot at Aid Station #2.

See y'all next year!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And they're off!

A half moon set at the edge of a clear, starry sky as 41 riders headed west out of Salida last night. I had ridden out ahead of them to record their times at the 10,000 foot Blanks Cabin checkpoint, where they would embark on a 12-mile section of the Colorado Trail. As they headed by, I jotted down the time next to each name, shivering as the cold night air settled through my wet clothing. Then I followed them down the Colorado Trail, picking up course markings and checking for a rider who could not make the full trip.

I arrived at checkpoint 2 around 3 AM, ate a breakfast burrito from the Aid Station, collected their sheet of recorded times and then rode back to Salida.

The results as of 3 AM are available at http://vaportrail125.com/vaporResults.php

Now I'm off to check on Aid Station 3. Watch for results as they trickle in!

-Tom Purvis

Friday, September 5, 2008

Here we go...

The time for the 2008 Vapor Trail 125 has arrived. A day and a half from now, riders will begin to gather at Absolute Bikes in Salida to register and prepare to ride the biggest fun-ride out there. Then at 10 PM they will roll.

There will be updates throughout the night and day. This blog will have news and commentary, and results from different checkpoints and aid stations will be posted at http://vaportrail125.com/vaporResults.php

Wish them luck. They've got a lot to do.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The 2008 Vapor Trail 125 is a GO

Yes folks, we are making things happen for the 2008 Vapor Trail 125. There will be a new course with EVEN MORE SINGLETRACK and a 10 PM start for EVEN MORE NIGHT RIDING!

Watch the website: http://vaportrail125.com for course details and this year's roster. As of right now, July 25, there are updates pending as we say.

This will be the place to go for minute-by-minute updates on how this fun ride is progressing during the actual fun ride.